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Together for Something Greater

As a pastor, equipper and life-long learner, I believe that the Lord has called me and strategically placed me where I am to take part in His global agenda of mentoring and multiplying servant-leaders who have the potential to make an impact today and in the subsequent generations to the glory of God. With these humbling opportunities and responsibilities that God has set before me, there is a great need for a support team who will commit to pray, help, and contribute financially in this mission of reaching the Philippines and beyond. I am trusting God for ministry partners who could support me in these major ways: 1) Through Prayer — I believe that prayer is the ministry’s “backbone”. As a servant-steward leader, I need to constantly walk in a posture of God-dependent faith. Thus, the encouragement and support of prayer partners will help me keep in step with God’s direction. 2) Through Collaboration — I believe that we can do greater things together. By collaboration, we can help and complement each other given our respective skill sets, especially on topics/events related to intentional living and intentional leadership. My fields of interest and scope of work can be found here. You may opt to write to me directly regarding this matter. 3) Through a Designated Gift — I believe that the key items stated below will further augment my effectiveness. This year, I am trusting that the Lord will provide...

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My Hope? To Gain the Right to Be Heard.

“When [the leaders] saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” (Acts 4:13 NIV) I remembered telling myself when I was in University: “I will never be a teacher, a speaker, a preacher, nor a pastor.”  I guess convincing myself was never good enough! Here I am now, doing the very things that I seemed to hate at first, yet I so dearly love doing now — all by the sheer grace (and mercy!) of God. The aforementioned Bible verse spoke to me in such a heart-wrenching manner. In fact, it was the first message I preached when I was installed as one of the pastors at GCF South Metro some years back. This text reminds me clearly of how unworthy and ordinary I am, and how great our God is. He alone can make what is impossible… possible. Today, this humbling truth is the very motivation I ventured to put up this website. My deepest hope is that this can be a platform for me not only to share my two cents in this crazy world wide web, but to open opportunities to share a worthwhile message to a live audience — regardless the size — and inspire others to stand up for similar convictions I stand for. I pray, over time, I gain the right to be heard. If you...

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Who is Mike Duco?

Mike is a pastor with a mentoring, preaching, teaching, and blogging/writing ministry. While he is largely involved with the abovementioned ministries, Mike also has ongoing partnerships with Wavemakers and YouthSENTral as one of their volunteer certified trainers, with Global Leadership Summit Manila South as part of its Marketing Team, and with GCF South Metro as one of its supported pastors. These said organizations are driven by a global vision of discipling emerging generations through empowering churches and equipping servant-leaders within various sectors of society. Mike is also a student. He is working on his Master of Divinity degree at the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL), with an emphasis on Leadership Studies. IGSL has been a key training arm of Campus Crusade for Christ here in Southeast Asia as it envisions a growing network of Christ-like leaders building spiritual movements, exerting moral influence, and transforming nations for the glory of God. As a pastor, equipper and life-long learner, Mike believes that the Lord has called him and strategically placed him in this vast ministry field to take part in God’s global agenda of mentoring and multiplying servant-leaders who have the potential to make an impact today and in the subsequent generations to the glory of our Lord Jesus...

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Welcome to my New Home!

Hello, everyone! I am Mike Duco. I’m a mentor, thought leader and blogger from Manila, Philippines. I warmly welcome you to my website or, I must say, my new home! The key purpose of this site is to help people live an intentional kind of life and develop an intentional kind of leadership. While a lot people would say that they are not fit to be called “leaders”, it is wise and healthy to re-think that we all lead in some way. How can I say that? Ultimately, it begins with the clarion call of leading ourselves. First, we must all learn to navigate our own lives with wisdom and focus (and the list goes on!), before we can create a lasting impact towards others. My sincere hope is that this site would help you take on a journey towards reflection, new discoveries, and eventually develop paradigms and practical skills that will change the trajectory of your life — for your growth and for the good of the people around you. Tune in frequently to and be updated with the...

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