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A Relentless Passion for God’s Timeless Truth

What Do You See? In the early hours of the morning or in the quiet hours of the night, I often find myself sitting inside my little workspace at home. With a lamp giving light to what I read, I flip through pages to reflect on what people call the Bible or the Word of God (emphasis added). Some say it is important because it contains valuable lessons; for others, it’s a myth or a mere historical document. For me, it is life-giving truth that heals the broken; that strengthens the weak and hopeless. It gives wisdom to our feeble minds and transforms the hearts of sinful man. In the book, “Running on Empty: Contemplative Spirituality for Overachievers”, Fil Anderson describes the Bible this way: “The Word of God is not a self-help book nor a placebo to calm our fears. Neither is it just a guide to career success or greater effectiveness in ministry. It is, in truth, a love letter that invites us to be embraced by the Lover who wrote the letter. Sacred Scripture has tremendous power to free us from the mold the world squeezes us into. The God of the universe, who, in the beginning, shaped life into existence with spoken words, today speaks words meant to reshape our lives.” (Anderson, 2004) How about you? What do you see when you set your eyes on...

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The Cause. The Agent. The Goal.

Warren Wiersbe said: “The church today desperately needs the message of Colossians. We live in a day when religious toleration is interpreted to mean ‘one religion is just as good as another.’ Some people try to take the best from various religious systems and manufacture their own private religion. To many people, Jesus Christ is only one of several great religious teachers, with no more authority than they. He may be prominent, but He is definitely not preeminent (meaning, of greatest importance, significance and superiority).” He added: “This is an age of ‘syncretism’. People are trying to harmonize and unite many different schools of thought and come up with a superior religion. Our evangelical churches are in danger of diluting the faith in their loving attempt to understand the beliefs of others. Mysticism, legalism, Eastern religions, asceticism, and man-made philosophies are secretly creeping into churches. They are not denying Christ, but they are dethroning Him and robbing Him of His rightful place of preeminence.” This is a huge problem! … So here’s my humble proposal for you, beloved: if we are to be truly rooted and growing in faith amidst this broken world, then we ought to know and embrace both the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ as we see Him revealed in Scriptures. Above is a video of a message I gave on the Preeminence of...

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A Rekindled Passion

August 31 to September 2, 2017. This was my fourth time to attend the Intentional Disciplemaking Church (IDMC) Conference in Singapore. When the conference ended, I was asked by a dear brother and pastor, Ps Chua Chung Kai of Covenant EFC, how my IDMC experience was. It didn’t take long before tears started to flow (again) from my eyes. And he just gently uttered, “painful”. In that quiet gap within our brief chat, something resonated between us. Then, I added, “it was painfully beautiful (emphasis mine)”. To find ministry tools and effective methods in growing a church, I believe there’s a ton of material around the world and a few clicks in the world-wide web that cover such a need. I think the IDMC is one venue, however, I would honestly say it is not the best place for this pursuit of getting tools – primarily because I think it wasn’t much intended for the purpose of methodology. Rather, the IDMC is getting your roots aright. The why precedes the what and the how. The annual Intentional Disciplemaking Church Conference is a place to meet with the Master who gave us the mission before we can even craft the proper methodology. In short, it is a time to know Jesus – well, together with 5,300 other leaders! Ultimately, I believe with my whole heart that knowing Jesus underpins everything in...

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Love Begets Love.

20170827 Love Begets Love from Mike Duco John 13 introduces us to what a number of biblical scholars would coin as the “upper room discourse”.  This discourse covers chapters 13 to 17, which is the longest recorded table-talk that Jesus had with the apostles before His arrest at Gethsemane. What we can also observe as a hallmark of these sets of conversations was how the Greek word ‘agape’ or its verb form ‘agapao’ were mentioned more in chapters 13-17 in comparison to the rest of the book.  Therefore, we can infer that the subject matter of “love” was definitely emphasized in the apostles’ long talk with Jesus. In John 13:31-35, we dive into the words of Christ and discover His own definition of love, its implications in our lives and its impact to the world! [NOTE: To listen to this message, kindly click the link below. This audio recording was done last August 27, 2017 at GCF Nuvali, located at the Third Floor, Cinema Building, Solenad 3, Nuvali, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna.]...

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A Timely Reunion with a Timely Message

Last Saturday, August 19, was truly special for three reasons: I got reunited with a number of my friends and colleagues from Communicare. I connected with new people. I was able to share something close to my heart to a group of about 75 professionals. That evening was spent for their team’s General Assembly and a photo shoot for their website (which happened before the actual assembly). I did not anticipate that they were all wearing white tops, while I wore plaid and a strikingly orange jacket. It was a bit embarrassing, but fun nonetheless! Then during dinner, I had the privilege to share a message on “The Person and the Professional”. The big idea was to exhort every member of the organization to grow in five (5) key areas: calling, character, care, competence and chemistry. What do I mean by these 5 C’s? Allow me to share a bit more, so you can have a clearer image in mind. Calling: We need to embrace the why behind our what. Character: We need to learn that our being precedes our doing. Care: We need to develop a servant-steward leadership perspective. Competence: We need to have a mindset of progression. Chemistry: We need to understand that work is done better together. At the core of professionalism, we need a multi-faceted approach that goes beyond performance orientation. We ought to get deeper so that...

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