Warren Wiersbe said: “The church today desperately needs the message of Colossians. We live in a day when religious toleration is interpreted to mean ‘one religion is just as good as another.’ Some people try to take the best from various religious systems and manufacture their own private religion. To many people, Jesus Christ is only one of several great religious teachers, with no more authority than they. He may be prominent, but He is definitely not preeminent (meaning, of greatest importance, significance and superiority).”

He added: “This is an age of ‘syncretism’. People are trying to harmonize and unite many different schools of thought and come up with a superior religion. Our evangelical churches are in danger of diluting the faith in their loving attempt to understand the beliefs of others. Mysticism, legalism, Eastern religions, asceticism, and man-made philosophies are secretly creeping into churches. They are not denying Christ, but they are dethroning Him and robbing Him of His rightful place of preeminence.”

This is a huge problem!

… So here’s my humble proposal for you, beloved: if we are to be truly rooted and growing in faith amidst this broken world, then we ought to know and embrace both the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ as we see Him revealed in Scriptures.

Above is a video of a message I gave on the Preeminence of Christ, based on Colossians 1:15-23. I pray that the Lord would firm up the foundation of your life, as you navigate through the different circumstances you face.

God bless you!