Last Saturday, August 19, was truly special for three reasons:

  1. I got reunited with a number of my friends and colleagues from Communicare.
  2. I connected with new people.
  3. I was able to share something close to my heart to a group of about 75 professionals.

That evening was spent for their team’s General Assembly and a photo shoot for their website (which happened before the actual assembly).

I did not anticipate that they were all wearing white tops, while I wore plaid and a strikingly orange jacket. It was a bit embarrassing, but fun nonetheless!

Then during dinner, I had the privilege to share a message on “The Person and the Professional”. The big idea was to exhort every member of the organization to grow in five (5) key areas: calling, character, care, competence and chemistry.

What do I mean by these 5 C’s? Allow me to share a bit more, so you can have a clearer image in mind.

  • Calling: We need to embrace the why behind our what.
  • Character: We need to learn that our being precedes our doing.
  • Care: We need to develop a servant-steward leadership perspective.
  • Competence: We need to have a mindset of progression.
  • Chemistry: We need to understand that work is done better together.

At the core of professionalism, we need a multi-faceted approach that goes beyond performance orientation.

We ought to get deeper so that we can develop people who work (or I’d rather say serve) with great joy and passion, with constantly progressing skill, with depth of character and above all… who knows their purpose and embraces their unique contribution to the organization’s vision.

What a great reunion it was! And it was made even more beautiful and meaningful because it was a timely message for me (even as the speaker) and for the people who listened.

While there is more that we could add to the 5C’s mentioned above, I hope something clicked in you. I pray a good kind of burden – a holy discontent – has been planted in your heart.

There’s always room for growth, and I hope you would consider calling, character, care, competence, and chemistry as a good place to start.

[Note: If this message resonates with you, I would appreciate your feedback below. Should this be something you find relevant and helpful for your team or organization, click here to find my speaker’s profile and contact information. Thanks!]