Believe it or not, our values shape our decisions. They offer clearer answers to why we do what we do. Yes, external factors are to be considered, but ultimately, our choices are largely based on the values that lie deep within the core of our being. Our actions are expressions of an inward reality. Therefore, there is a critical call for us to have a constant, honest check of the heart.



If the lordship of Jesus Christ of utmost importance in our lives, then two things become warranted: we walk with Jesus with undivided devotion, which results in wholehearted obedience. It is always from the inside going out!

  • An undivided devotion to Jesus must be our prime motivation.
  • A wholehearted obedience to Jesus must be our prime response.


 Application: How do we develop our FOCUS?

  • Face the constant reality that we need Jesus.
  • Organize your private world. (Get your values and priorities right!)
  • Constantly evaluate your life.
  • Use your time, treasures, and talents wisely.
  • Share your life and serve together with a Christ-centered community.


[Note: “Focus!” is a message I gave at GCF South Metro’s Youth Worship, dated May 21, 2017.]