Five myths have deeply distracted the Church world-wide. They are mentioned below:

  • myth of the perfect church
  • myth of the perfect pastor
  • myth of the perfect ministry
  • myth of the perfect strategy
  • myth of the perfect condition

The clarion call of the Lord Jesus Christ to disciple all nations (or all people groups) in Matthew 28:18-20 was pronounced towards imperfect people transformed by the power of the Gospel. The same reality is true for us today – even for a war-torn area such as Mindanao.

Packed with an awesome crowd at SMX Convention Center in SM Lanang, Davao City. We took a “we-fie” before we all headed out for lunch!

On Labor Day of 2017, about 2,000 people representing 130 churches gathered at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City for the Intentional Disciple Making Churches (IDMC 101) Conference. We were given the privilege to serve alongside Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Davao Bible Community Church, and GCF Northwest to make this happen. According to our brothers and sisters who helped and attended, it was the first time that they saw people from these many local churches gathered in one place, worshipping the Lord!

Yet this journey was not easy because all of us are not perfect. That is why we are convinced that everything was truly God’s work, even to the most minute details. Pastor Tony Yeo, who suffered a week of severe throat inflammation, was able to speak miraculously for the entire day of the conference. Both the current pastors and the next-generation leaders (ages 35 and below) were prayed for by the whole congregation. Parents and children alike were praying for breakthroughs in the families. In short, this IDMC 101 in Davao was not simply an equipping event – it was an experience of God and an honest plea to heal our land!

This special Davao trip also enabled me to rekindle connections with dear friends in the ministry, who are now based in this beautiful place. (Oh, I have truly missed them! I praise God for each of them!)

Great lunch with Bernice and Erick. They just recently passed the 2016 Bar Exams. Woohoo!


A somewhat-spontaneous dinner with Ptr. Andy (CEFC), Ptr. Don, and Ryan in Tiny Kitchen… then, we headed to a nice time of catching up with E. Kenneth and Owen Bergado at Jack’s Ridge. What a way to spend my last night in Davao!

Our Lord Jesus will always stand true with His promise, I am sure. He sealed the Great Commission with this: “Behold, I am with you always until end of the age”.

Because of Him, there is hope for Mindanao! There is hope for all nations!