Behind a passionate mentor is another passionate mentor.

I got mine by the name my family calls as “Toto Jem”.

I thank God for a big brother who loves us (meaning, me and my family), who mentors us and journeys with us. I thank you with all my heart, ‘To Jem.

And on your nth birthday (hush on the real digits!), I can only pray for full-er years ahead in your walk with Christ, with your beautiful family, and the people you work and serve with.

I love you, my dearest big bro! Enjoy this God-ordained milestone!

[Note: This photo reminds me of how passionate you are — passing on things to me even during your wee hours at San Francisco. Your shirt also reminds me that someday, by God’s grace, we can watch an NBA game live — and together. What a reunion it would be!]