While I have shared about my perspectives on discipleship through a more extensive post, I think it is good to share briefly about mentoring.

I want you to know that the manner I use the terms “mentoring” and “discipleship” may have overlapping meanings in my context, especially in the way I communicate to you in this website.

They have similarities and nuances at the same time.

However, allow me to highlight that my view on mentoring differs a bit from discipleship in such a way that I aim for leadership development across any audience or reader.

Therefore, there are elements of coaching that I include in various areas of leadership of the self and of others in this particular section — regardless your religious/faith background and your chosen vocation.

I just pray that the materials that I have written (and will be writing) here will be of value to you.

Yes, I am a Christ-follower and much of my thoughts are grounded on biblical principles. I am not ashamed of that, but I will not force matters to your throat. That’s clearly not the goal.

Nonetheless, my hope is that you would take time to read, reflect and consider what I share here. I hope I will gain the right and privilege to be heard.

In the end, I long to see you both live intentionally… and lead intentionally.

May God bless you as you take on this leadership journey!