One author said that one of the top reasons that a person fails quite frequently is because he or she lives an unexamined life. I think that makes perfect sense.

“Musing” is a word associated with reflection, one of deep thought, or a deliberate choice to pause for the purpose of contemplation. In the busy-ness of the world we breathe in, many are afraid to pause… much more, to stop.

I hope this section in this website would serve as a reminder for you and me to think about the deep things of life — above all, the deep things of God.

Whether you got a good book to keep you company, a pen and journal to jot down your ideas… or like me, you just want to want to do some musing over coffee… I hope the articles that I’d soon be contributing here could help.

How? I hope my simple writing would cause us to pause, to think, to undergo a deep scrutiny of the self, to chuckle or to shed a tear, to pray… and to make the better, wiser choices in life.