“What then is a solid foundation? It is certainly not sand. That which is built on shifting sand will not stand the test of time. Thus, those who seek to build must decide on the quality of the material. If the edifice is to last for posterity, then the greatest care is needed, the choicest of material is chosen and the most painstaking construction is undertaken. Only then will it be built to last.” (Edmund Chan, “Roots & Wings”, p.117)

I pray this Holy Week will not only be a time of rest for all of us, but one of serious reflection; not only a time for recreation, but a response to the call of God for re-alignment.

May I be truly honest with you? I want to ask you a few things (that even I struggle with until today).

What (or who) is the foundation of your life? Has it been our own accomplishments, our accolades and the accumulation of our wealth? While they are legitimately “good stuff”… admittedly, these will only last for a while. Some for years, others would only take days. That’s why we need to take a hard look at our hearts.

What are our greatest motivations? What drives us every single day? If you are a person who may be on a journey of following Christ, then let’s ask ourselves: Who and what are competing with our attention that is rightly for God and God alone?

With tears, I pray. I pray that Jesus — the Savior who lived to be with us, the Suffering Servant who got crucified to redeem us, and the Supreme King who conquered death and rose again — be the Foundation of your life, the Anchor of your soul, and the True North of your life’s inner compass.