Hello, everyone!

I am Mike Duco. I’m a mentor, thought leader and blogger from Manila, Philippines. I warmly welcome you to my website or, I must say, my new home!

The key purpose of this site is to help people live an intentional kind of life and develop an intentional kind of leadership. While a lot people would say that they are not fit to be called “leaders”, it is wise and healthy to re-think that we all lead in some way.

How can I say that? Ultimately, it begins with the clarion call of leading ourselves. First, we must all learn to navigate our own lives with wisdom and focus (and the list goes on!), before we can create a lasting impact towards others.

My sincere hope is that this site would help you take on a journey towards reflection, new discoveries, and eventually develop paradigms and practical skills that will change the trajectory of your life — for your growth and for the good of the people around you.

Tune in frequently to www.mikeduco.com and be updated with the latest!