As a pastor, equipper and life-long learner, I believe that the Lord has called me and strategically placed me where I am to take part in His global agenda of mentoring and multiplying servant-leaders who have the potential to make an impact today and in the subsequent generations to the glory of God. With these humbling opportunities and responsibilities that God has set before me, there is a great need for a support team who will commit to pray, help, and contribute financially in this mission of reaching the Philippines and beyond.

I am trusting God for ministry partners who could support me in these major ways:

1) Through Prayer — I believe that prayer is the ministry’s “backbone”. As a servant-steward leader, I need to constantly walk in a posture of God-dependent faith. Thus, the encouragement and support of prayer partners will help me keep in step with God’s direction.

2) Through Collaboration — I believe that we can do greater things together. By collaboration, we can help and complement each other given our respective skill sets, especially on topics/events related to intentional living and intentional leadership. My fields of interest and scope of work can be found here. You may opt to write to me directly regarding this matter.

3) Through a Designated Gift — I believe that the key items stated below will further augment my effectiveness. This year, I am trusting that the Lord will provide for the following:

  • support for continuing education (i.e. tuition fees and study resources)
  • desktop computer (i.e. Apple iMac for blogging, lessons and presentations)   
  • portable audio system (for mid- to large-group events)   

4) Through Monthly Support – You may also commit to give through your monthly contribution. This is intentionally allotted for personal needs, mentoring meetings, training sessions, procurement of materials, transportation expenses, and for times of emergency.

Should God lead you to become part of my support team, kindly write an e-mail to or send me a message at +63.917.805.0531, so we can have a good chat. I am excited to work with you, as you invest in my life and as we partner in the pursuit of developing leaders. (For information about giving or donations, click here.)